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Lets score 4 education

How to Help

We are in need of your support through donations (venmo) or amazon gift cards to continue our mission. We get tablets for low income students to access distance learning and/or read during the summer. We have put together a kit for them which include a tablet, headphones, a case, soccer ball and while supplies last, a generous donor is providing us with children's face mask. Our goal is to see them reading, learning and practicing soccer. Any amount is helpful for us to achieve our goal.    

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Tablets for kids

We are raising money to buy tablets for students to keep learning during these uncertain times and keep their minds fresh and active. With your generous donation you will be helping children connect to distance learning, practice math concepts and continue reading during the summer. At the same time with our training video they get to learn soccer and practice at home to keep them active. 

We have reached 25% of our Goal

Read, Learn, Practice


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