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It is easy to feel helpless during uncertain times. Due to the global pandemic (COVID-19) we stopped attending school on March 12th. Like other states in the country we were instructed to do online learning because of social distancing. I've learned that they are so many children that don’t have the resources to access the distance learning platforms from their homes and I wanted to do something to help. I couldn't sit and do nothing, so I came up with this initiative that connects learning and my passion, soccer. 


Score 4 Education collects donations in order to distribute tablets, technology accessories and a soccer balls to young students. My first goal is to provide 100 low income K-2nd graders the opportunity to attend online classes, continue reading, learning and practicing soccer. The tablets facilitate them to access online classes, digital learning libraries, and other educational apps to help them succeed academically. I connected this initiative with my passion; SOCCER. A soccer ball goes with each tablet that is collected through your generous donations so they can learn and be active at the same time. Happy mind & Happy Body.
Help me score 4 education, Game on! 




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